Monday, December 27, 2010

Boulder Shoulder Training

 Shoulder Training 

I know what you are all thinking why start off your training series with shoulders? Why not chest or arms? Pretty boy beach muscle! Give me a BREAK have you ever seen a guy with big arms and no shoulders to match them! He might get some looks from the dirty bar girls! But have you ever seen a dude walk in a room with massive shoulders, neck, and traps to match, now that mother will get the attention of everyone in the room! See you can't hide big shoulders, even in the winter when you are wearing long sleeve shirts your shirt just hangs off them!

You dont have to look like a Freak to have great shoulder development! Take Dwight Howard for example he has very impressive shoulders and he is a basket ball player!

As you can see the shoulder make for a very impressive physique!

How do you get these boulder shoulders that I speak of! Well there are a few things that never change when it comes to training shoulders. PRESS PRESS PRESS! Its what type of press is most effective.
When it comes to pressing there is one tried and true press you need to be doing and that is the Push Press.
This is a total strength exercise and not only do you activate the muscles of the shoulder but all of your stabilizers as well. This is a shoulder beef builder for sure! If you look at the majority of athletes doing the push press as a staple, Strongmen, football players, olympic lifters. These guys all have one thing in common and its impressive shoulders and most time they are not doing any kind of isolation exercises!
Next in line would be your Dumbbell presses, then any kind of seated mahine press. There are so many variations of pressing movements which we will go over in a later article, right now I want to get you on your way to bigger shoulders!

This workout we will be doing one heavy movement followed by a aux movement in a superset format. Remember there are 3 heads to the shoulder and we need to hit them all for that 3D look!
So the Boulder Shoulder workout is:

Pre-hab exercises cable internal/external rotation 2 sets 15 reps each way
Pre-hab Rear deal fly's with bands 2 sets 15 reps (keep this right)

Push Press 5 sets 12reps(this is a warm up) 8,6,6,4
Aux exercise Rope Face Pulls 5 sets 15 reps
(superset these)

Dumbbells Lateral Raises 4 sets 10,8,6,6
Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly's 4sets 12,12,12,12
(superset these)

Barbell Up-right rows 3 sets 10,8,8
Behind back Barbell Shurgs 12,12,12
(superset these)

You do this and you will be on your way to BIG BOULDERS!

Heath Ellenberger

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Welcome to the AI Sports Nutrition Blog

My name is Heath Ellenberger and I am working with AI sports as their head in house trainer. I own a performance training facility in Virginia Beach, where we train everyone from professional athletes, bodybuilder, and the average gym warrior! I have been in this game for 9 years now and I have see the good, the bad, and the GREAT when it comes to training techniques.  Therefore I want to share a lot of what I have had success with over the past years with you all! This way you don't waste time like I did!

OK enough of my rant! I could go on and on but I wont cause you don't care what I think you just want the great content that I am going to bring you guys! So here's the deal! I am going to have new training articles up for you all the time, some of these are going to be out of your realm and comfort zone. That's the key, once we take your body out of its comfort zone it will start to react and change! Your body knows whats coming every time you step into the gym now. So why not throw something new at your body to send it out of WHACK and force it to change!

I am going to have different training series of new things I am doing with my clients, sneak peeks into new programs and exercises I am coming up with to help you achieve a killer physique! Last but NOT LEAST info about AI Sports Nutrition supplements that will take your body to the next level. I will be giving you exclusive looks into the AI Labs new projects, real life video testimonials from my clients after using AI supplements during their training, also product info videos and much more!

Lets get this going! Check back soon for the first training article and supplement review!
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