Monday, January 31, 2011



Guys I know for a fact that we are not eating CLEAN for the GAME and if you are IM SORRY!!

I know we got wings,pizza,Chips and dip,bratwurst, and whatever else you want you choose to eat while watching the biggest sports event of the year! 
I have the solution for you all!!!
1. Is called Glycobol
2. Is what I call my Pregame Pre-Binge Workout

So put your favorite jersey on and hit the gym or even your home gym or back yard this workout is versatile!

And you can feel like the old days when you used to play and get you pumped up and get this workout in before the game!

The Workout:
Start with light 5 min jog
Then move into 20 bodyweight squats
10 Burpees
4 rounds of sprints
15 sec sprint with 30 sec break between (you will do this 4 times so total 4 sprints)
take a quick water break then hit
Next Round 
15 push ups
30 mountain climbers
4 rounds of sprints
15 sec sprint with 30 sec break between
another water break
20 crunches
30 sec plank
15 Over head press (with whatever you have Dumbbells,barbell,a log out back)
15 Jump ups (find something sturdy that is high enough to jump on but low enough you can actually get on it)
4 rounds sprints

repeat this workout 3 times through

Now that the workout is done you need to take your glycobol and get to the food! Take 2 Glycobols before the feast begins! 

Get cleaned up and break open those wings and enjoy the game!

Ladies you enjoy the peace and quite!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Increase your MUFA's!!

What did you call me? 

I said MUFA! Thats Monounsaturated Fats! A healthy fat that can actually help your body push out "bad" fats.
How does eating fats help you burn fat sounds counter productive! There have been studies done that show just switching your fats from saturated to monounsaturated fat, people in the study lost weight without even dropping calories!  
MUFA's also trigger a hormone in the body called Adiponectin. This hormone tells the body to stop burning muscle for fuel and to start burning stored fat as energy. Who doesnt want this to happen! Mufa's also help to stabilize blood sugar level in the body, and when you control blood sugar you control fat storage.

What foods are monounsaturated fat?
1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2. Avocados
3. Nuts
4. Natural Peanut Butter
This is just to name a few!

I made a quick video of me making some homemade guacamole! Its very easy to make and takes about 4 min! And is great on anything!

Next time I have another War Machine exercise coming as well as another Metabolic workout for you guys to checkout! 


Heath Ellenberger 
Owner Xtreme Performance Training 

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Metaboilc Workout

Hey everyone just wanted to post this quick video of one of the metabolic workouts we did yesterday down at my gym Xtreme Performance Training.

Here is the order of the exercises and reps the video will be below

Push Press with w/50lbs suspended weight 8 reps
War machine Row Press 6 each side
Gorilla walk push ups using 30lbs dumbbells 8reps
Rope pull thru 5 reps
Tire Flip with 6 sludge hammer slams 6 per side 2x
War Machine Push up with pike (Not seen in video)

These rounds or cycles as we call them are set up to activate multiple muscle groups but not really cause a lot of eccentric muscle damage, this allows us to get more work in without over training the body. These are great workouts for conditioning not only cardiovascular but muscular conditioning. And talk about calories being used you will burn a TON of calories during a metabolic session. 
The are brutal and you better bring your A GAME cause when your done YOU ARE DONE! 
These are the days that you look forward to hating how its going to feel while you are doing it but love the way you feel when its over. 

I have been creating these types of workouts for the past 6-7 years for my athletes and all of them are in the best condition out of anyone! 

I will get more in depth about the Metabolic cycles later in the blog and I will post plenty more videos of them! 


Heath Ellenbegrer 
Xtreme Performance Training 
AI Sports Trainer

Thursday, January 20, 2011



 I talk a lot about this war machine and I decided I needed to do a video on what it excactly. Here is your up close and personal look at the Cross core war machine!! 

Stay tuned guys I have a lot of videos coming using this war machine! 

If you want to check out the website its


Heath Ellenberger
Xtreme Performance Training

Monday, January 17, 2011

Calf Training at its BEST!

Calves you want them everyone has them, now is your chance to learn some new calf building secrets
I am going to be straight with you guys first and foremost calves are genetic! With that being said take the picture above for example. The guy on the far rights (my boy Erik "the house") calves look much different then the guy on the far left ( Ben). This is due to genetic make up of the muscle bellies and insertions of those muscles. This is not to say they came out the womb with calves looking like this! I am here to tell you with the right type of training we can get you bigger calves!

I want to take a look at the anatomy of the calves for a minute so we can get a better understanding of what all the calves do and how they are made up.

As you can see and I'm sure a lot of you know there are 2 muscle that make up the calves. The Gastrocnemius and soleus. As you can see from the picture above the Gastroc is the bigger more meaty of the two and an important fact of the gastroc is that it crosses the knee joint. Why is this so important? Well this means anytime you are doing an exercise where the knee is extended we are going to be using more of the Grastroc. And anytime the knee joint is closed off we isolate the soleus. Now after knowing this we can tell right away we need to be doing different angles and styles of calf raises. 
Both of the muscles come together to form the Achilles Tendon and the Achilles attaches to the calcaneus bone. The muscle allow the plantar flex which is simply point your toe down, raising up on toes. The primary functions of these muscle are Walking, running, jumping, sprinting.

Now that we know a little about how those muscles work we can understand how to train them. We know that raising up on the toes causes the calves to work. This means even walking causes the calves to work. Well how many steps do you take daily? A lot probably. So we are constantly causing stimulation of the calves. I believe your calves can take a lot of work. Have you ever seen an obese persons calves? They are huge! Why? Because their calves are forced to work hard moving all that weight from point A to point B. The body and calves in particular have been placed under a lot of stress. The body doesnt like to be under stress, so it has to overcome that in some way so it builds the muscle in the calves up to support the extra weight and work.

What have we learned so far? Well the calves work by plantar flexion (pushing the toes into the ground, standing on your tip toes). They also allow us to walk, run, and jump. This means everyday we are using our calves and forcing them to work. I do not feel the calves are easily over worked and feel frequency training is key in calf growth. Also Heavier weight with a full flexion and extension of the muscle.

With that being said here is the workout I would suggest:

Train calves with every workout. Start with them this way you actually do them!
You will want to do some sort or standing calf raise I would suggest your regular standing calf raise machine, or the good old squat rack calf raises. Then you are going to move to seated calf raises not to much variations you can do for this, I have a body weight seated calf raise video I will post up soon you can try.
You are going to do 30 total reps with each of these exercises each set.

Standing calf raises 30 reps 3 sets
Seated Calf Raises 30 reps 2 set

On leg day start with leg press calf raises this can be your heavier move. You will do 3 sets of 30, then at the end of your workout do 6 squat jumps and then 30 seated calf raises. The squat jumps will help neurally activate your calves and will also finish off your quads.

Try this for about 3 weeks and tell me if your calves havent grown!


Heath Ellenberger
Xtreme Performance Training 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Performace Pizza

I Know you ALL LOVE PIZZA!! As do I and I know how you feel when you are eating it your like, "oh man I shouldnt be eating this but its SOOO GOOD". Well I had the craving this past weekend and I decided to make my own and JACK IT UP!

This is my Xtreme Performance Pizza! 

Here is my ingredient list:
1lbs of Lean Ground Turkey Breast
1/4 of an onion
1/2 can of any kind of pasta or tomato sauce (try and find on that is low sugar, and little to no added crap)
1 Wheat Pizza dough from trader joes (if you dont have that any wheat pizza dough will do)
Low fat or soy cheese
1/4 cups of spinach
 And I also used peanut flour instead of regular flour to roll out the dough.

What you want to do is brown the Ground Turkey and caramelize the onions.
Heat up your sauce
Pre-heat the oven to 350.
Roll out your pizza dough into whatever shape you desire
Add your sauce to the top
Then 3/4 of whatever cheese you choose to use
I used 12oz of turkey on top
then add the spinach

Stick it in the oven for about 15min or until kind of crisp and lightly brown crust.

Take it out and let it cool and ENJOY a little slice of heaven!

Nutritional facts for whole pizza
There are 8 servings for this pizza 
Calories 1422
Fat 29
Carbs 204
Protein 99

Break it down per slice
Calories 177
Fat 3.6
Carbs 25.5
Protein 12.4

Not a bad profile!!

Till Next Time Join the Movement AI SPORTS

Heath Ellenberger

The Swole Stack Diet Plan

Alright guys its Heath here back to answer another question I get asked a lot.

What kind of diet should I be on while taking the Swole Stack?

After being asked this question time and time again and AI Head Quarters asking me if I could formulate some sort of Swole Stack Diet I decided to put it here in the blog for everyone to see!

Swole Stack Diet guide line are fairly easy to understand. Now remember there are many theories out there on how you should diet for mass gains and dieting and this and that. These are what I have found works with myself and my clients. I am going to post 2 different diets. The first is going to be more of a "lean" mass diet, the other just a MASS diet.
1. Make sure your carb intake is fairly high. This is for a few reasons, first it allows us to keep our muscles full and strong. Second using the Glycobol we will be able to shuttle more carbs to the muscle for better absorption! The proper amount of carbs I suggest for carbs is 1.8 grams per pound of lean body mass we are trying to fuel your muscle mass not your whole body mass. for example if you are 200lbs and your bodyfat is 15% then you are around 170lbs of Lean body mass. 170 x 1.8= 306 grams of carbs a day. This is about 60grams per meal for 5 meals. Pretty easy to achieve.  

2. Protein should be kept at 1.2 grams per pound of lean body mass. Once again we are trying to fuel Lean body mass not the 30 extra pounds of fat you have. 170 x 1.5=255 grams of protein a day. Thats about 50 grams per meal broken down to 5 meals a day.

3. Lastly Fats Im talking good fats your oils, nuts and such. I usually like my clients to keep fats to around .5 grams of fat per lean body mass. 170 x .5=85 grams of fat per day. Thats is about 15-18g per meal if you are eating 5 meals.

Now lets put all these together 306g of carbs =1224 cals from carbs, 255g or protein=1020 calories, and 85g of fat=765 calories for a grand total of 3009 calories daily.
I know some of you are like no way I cant put on mass with only 3009 calories a day, while others of you are saying I cant eat that many calories a day!!!
I am here to tell you that you can do both! I believe that if you are 200 pounds and you have 15% bodyfat then there is no reason to continue feeding the excess fat you have and should only feed the lean mass you have to enable it the proper nutrients to grow!
This is the formula for you guys who want to lean bulk it. I will add a diet to this in the next post.

Now on to the big boys who want pure size and strength gains from the swole stack.

Lets start with the carbs again same measurements with our guys who is 200lbs.
Carbs you are going to bump to 2.5 grams per pound so thats 500 grams of crabs daily
Protein is going to be 1.8 per pound this comes out to be 360 grams of protein
Fats we are going with .5 per pound which is exactly 100 grams of fat

Putting that all together is total calories of 4340 calories daily.

The Great thing about these guidelines is that you can interchange the numbers if you want to. For example if you would like a little more protein but maybe a little carb sensitive then eat the protein requirement for the mass diet but keep the carb and fat intake from the lean mass diet. Or mix and match however you would like!

Next post will be a daily outline of the foods for these diets!

Till next time
Heath Ellenberger

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

AI Sports Stacks and Diets

 Alright guys and ladies! I get a lot of questions like:
"what supplements should I stack?"
"What stack can I use to get bigger?"
"What kind of diet should I use with the swole stack?"
"When should I take Glycobol during the day?"
"Which stack will get me shredded?"

And there are many others but these are the main ones I wanted to focus on in this blog post!

So First off What supplements should I stack? Well it all depends on your goals, AI has done a good job on stack suggestions on their website and most sites that sell their products.
To answer the question which stack should I use to get bigger? I would have to say The Swole Stack without a doubt. The stack contains Stoked, TestoPro and Glycobol 1 of each.

A quick review of what each of these products do and why they are used in the swole stack. 
Stoked - is an amazingly simple but powerful formula. This product delivers a powerful anti-estrogen effect while also allowing the body to increase your natural testosterone levels. AI added a special touch by adding some absorption compounds allowing the body to get the full benefit of all the ingredients

Testopro - is a more JACKED UP Testosterone product! There are two power house Free Testosterone raising compounds in testopro. The first is Testofen and the other is Divanil, free test is the only form that can actually enter the cell and cause any positive effects. Testopro gives you not one but 2 ways of increasing your free test. Then AI thought well sometimes when you increase testosterone you can have some estrogen increase as well. So they took care of that issue with adding Indole-3-Carbinol which helps to modulate estrogen. Once again to top all that off they added BioPerine to enhance the absorption of testopros powerful ingredients! 

Glycobol - is a unique product in this stack. Glycobol is a duel threat product as most AI supps! The great thing about Glycobol is that it forces your body to utilize carbohydrates as fuel which can help prevent your body from storing them as fat! Glycobol acts as a transport for your carbs straight to the muscle to fill up those glycogen stores, making your muscles full and hard! By increasing the absorption of carbs directly to the muscle you can expect to have that "pumped" feeling all day long! Then when it comes to the gym since that muscle has had nutrients being shuttled its way all day you will notice increased strength and a decrease in muscular fatigue, as well as an amazing pump! You get all of this with out having to worry about the possibility of your body storing fat! Thats a win win if you ask me! 

Thats the answer to the first question stick around to see more questions answered! 

Till then
AI Sports Trainer 
Heath Ellenberger 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Coming up!

What up fellow gym warriors! I have been extremely busy this past week with getting my gym open! Which hasnt left me much time to make as many posts as I would like to, but I have been working on some pretty cool projects for you!

The First thing I am working on is the Maniac Training Manual this will be a down loadable ebook you can get off the AI Website or on this blog is you subscribe!
The Maniac Training Manual will be a 6 week training routine with 2 phases 3 weeks each. I will be picking a few people to do log for me and you will be shipped a bottle of maniac and the Maniac training manual in exchange for before and after pictures and a workout log! Stay tuned for this its going to blow your socks off!

Next I have a ton of videos that I am working on that will be posted on here with mew exercises and techniques that we are doing down here! I am working with a great company called cross-core and they make a piece of equipment called the war machine! If you have never heard of this or used something like it then you are in for a real treat! I know this is out of most of your comfort zones, because its not traditional! I promise you it works like nothing you have ever used before!

Also we got some BIG NEWS coming from the lab very very soon that you do not want to miss! 
So I ask you one question! ARE YOU READY FOR THE MOVEMENT? Join AI SPORTS NUTRITION and get ready the MOVEMENT IS COMING! 

Heath Ellenberger 
Xtereme Performance Training 
AI Sports Nutrition Trainer

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leg Day

Thought I would show you guys my AI Sports Shirt!

Leg Day is an EPIC day that separates the men from the boy. This is where great physiques are built and all the guys who look like lite bulbs get turned off! 
If you arent training legs you are missing out on a lot of things! 
1. A nice proportioned physique 
2. Growth Hormones that your whole body will grow from
3. Give you a Solid foundation that will help increase all your lifts 
4. Gets your out of the skinny jeans section and into big boy pants 

Just wanted to give you a little look into a my leg night tonight. I did a what you would call a typical "bodybuilder" routine, I prefer the term hypertrophy training. I switch my routines all the time between strength, hypertrophy, explosive, and metabolic training. I use all these various styles of training for all my body parts not just legs. Tonight I was really in the zone and then I added Maniac to it and that just set me off! So i decided to rock a killer workout, so I am going to take you on a journey through my workout tonight.

Took my maniac then headed out to the gym listening to Disturbed Asylum and by the time the song had ended I was at the gym and in the maniac mode. Since for some reason here in VA beach its freezing I started my workout with a 15 min walk on the treadmill to get the juices flowing. While walking I pulled up some branch warren training video on my phone just to ensure myself why I was going to put myself through what was to come! 
After my warm-up was over I headed over the bar and set it up for some Deadlifts. I believe that you cannot get anywhere with out these bad boys! I did 5 sets with a rep scheme or 12,8,5,5,2 Between my sets I hit some seated calve raises 15 reps. 
Then It was on to squats! Tonight I was feeling like burring myself in squats tonight! So I did 6 sets of DEEP squats reps where 10,10,10,8,6,4 I coupled that lying leg curls for 10 reps each.
Lastly I finished with Leg extensions I did these with a isometric hold at the top of the motion and then a 3 second negative 15 reps, then hit DB Stiff Leg Deadlifts only doing 8 reps.

So to lay it out for you the workout was:
Barbell Deadlifts 5 sets 12,8,5,5,2
Seated Calves 5 sets 15,15,15,15,15
Deep Squats 6 sets 10,10,10,8,6,4
Lying leg curls 6 sets 10,10,10,10,10,10

Leg extensions 2 sets 15,15
DB Stiff Leg Deadlifts 2 sets 8,8

If you havent dont legs yet this week you might want to try this and call me in the morning! 

Till next time 
Heath Ellenberger

Weight loss Tuesday Tip of the Day

What up everyone I decided to start the new years off with Weight Loss Tuesdays tip of the day!

I dont have much time today as I am getting ready to open the gym next week and I have a ton to do down there!

SO here is your weight loss tip for today!

1. If you arent exercising at least 30 minutes a day YOU NEED TO BE! Weight loss is all about Calories IN and Calories OUT, Its science that rule doesnt change! You need to increase your activity and or restrict your caloric intake to lose weight!

2. Carbs this is a huge subject among so many people I talk to every day! Your carbohydrate intake should be around 75-100 grams a day! WHAT???? Thats sounds TOOOO HIGH!!
 First Carbs can be your friend not your enemy! IF you are eating the right kind of carbs in the right amounts! I have found that 75-100 Grams of carbs per day is the right amount for a few reason.
    A. Its enough carbs to keep your body happy and functioning like it should with out going into ketosis. Also this amount of carbs is enough to keep you mentally happy as we know if we cut out carbs we get crabby and irritable, well 75-100 grams is enough to feed your brain and keep you feeling good!
    B. 75-100 grams of carbs is enough to keep your body burning stored fat due to the fact that the carbs you are bringing in are being utilized properly. SO we are still getting the effects of a "low carb" diet but not suffering the effects of the strain on our bodies!
    C. Do not be afraid of fruit!! I know this is a soft subject for everyone but it shouldnt be your cant really get more natural then eating an apple or some nice fresh Berries! Most fruits are made up of more than half water just like our bodies therefore we digest fruit in about 30 min then its gone being use by the body for energy. They are also a low calorie option for good carbs, so you wont be eating anymore of those nasty processed foods that just sit in your stomach and do not digest and store as fat!
   D. Dark Green Veggies are a go to when it comes to eating healthy carbs! Greens are a GREAT source of fiber which is good for a few reason, the rich fiber foods help to fill us up, and also they cause our body to burn more calories digesting it then it actually is. Green veggies are a great way to add carbs to your meals later at night, this will help you stay away from the simple fast carbs you shouldnt be eating at night time!

Ok those are your fat lose tips for today!

Im off to my gym........ SO SHOULD ALL OF YOU!!

Till next time this is AI Sports Trainer Heath Ellenberger

I have a Contest coming up stay tuned for FREE AI SPORT SUPPPS!!!


Monday, January 3, 2011

Are you a Maniac?


Are you a Gym Maniac? Lets find out....

A Maniac is, A person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for something.
Therefore a Gym Maniac is a person who is excessivly enthusiactic about going to the gym everyday and pushing their bodies to the limit each and everyday! Someone who has the desire to change their physiques they would do whatever it takes! 

If you answered yes and you are truley a Gym Maniac, then the next question you need to ask yourself is why arent you taking Maniac before you hit the gym?

What is Maniac? Its AI Sports Nutritons premire Pre-workout performance supplement. If you are really looking to kick your drive and resutls into high gear then you need to need to be taking Maniac dialy! 

I received my bottle of Maniac a few weeks ago and have been using it before every workout since. And can honestly say I believe this is the best pre-workout drink I have tried to date! I have been bodybuilding for about 6 years and have come into this game in the age of the pre-workout supps. It seems every company has their own version of pre-workout drink. But there are some that are better than others believe me I have been down that road too many times, lots of money lost and wasted energy on these wannabe pre-workout supps. 
So when AI told me about their PWO Drink I was very interested because I actually like using them if I can find a good one.

Here is a video of me using Maniac and my thoughts on it...

Like I covered in my video we do not use an excess of fillers or fairy dusting of ingredients that aren't really there! What you see is what you get, if its on the label and its says there is a certain amount in there you can bet you are getting just that! And thats what I love about his company they do not beef up their nutrient label with a bunch of ingredients no one has ever heard of just to make it look "cool" or "edgy". AI sticks to the science and ingredients that work and have synergy together!

Alright so if you are ready to take your attitude in the gym to MANIAC Status then you need to pick up your own bottle of Maniac TODAY! 

Just wanted to post a few reviews from users here:

Andres says: 
"An amazing value for an amazing pre-workout! Gives a nice clean energy, great pumps, and its not overwhelming like other pre-workouts where you can overdose and feel like crap if you do. I usually go 1-3 scoops depending on the intensity of my workout and it has yet to fail me! 80 hardcore servings that I can easily say it is a PLEASURE drinking. BEST TASTING pre-workout hands down. I feel it does not fry my adrenal glands so even if I swith to a more stim crazy pre-workout for a bit I will always come back to Maniac. It is a pre-workout that I will always want to keep in my supplement corner. 5 stars all the way!"

Carl Said:
"This stuff is unreal! Best tasting product by far. I have tried Nano Vapor, Superpump, and No Xplode. This blows them all out of the water in terms of effects and value. AI has a new customer for life! Try it out, you won't be disappointed!"

Stay tuned everyone more training tips and workouts coming your way! Next up a chest shoulder workout that will get you looking HIGH DEFF AND 3D!!

Heath Ellenberger