Monday, January 31, 2011



Guys I know for a fact that we are not eating CLEAN for the GAME and if you are IM SORRY!!

I know we got wings,pizza,Chips and dip,bratwurst, and whatever else you want you choose to eat while watching the biggest sports event of the year! 
I have the solution for you all!!!
1. Is called Glycobol
2. Is what I call my Pregame Pre-Binge Workout

So put your favorite jersey on and hit the gym or even your home gym or back yard this workout is versatile!

And you can feel like the old days when you used to play and get you pumped up and get this workout in before the game!

The Workout:
Start with light 5 min jog
Then move into 20 bodyweight squats
10 Burpees
4 rounds of sprints
15 sec sprint with 30 sec break between (you will do this 4 times so total 4 sprints)
take a quick water break then hit
Next Round 
15 push ups
30 mountain climbers
4 rounds of sprints
15 sec sprint with 30 sec break between
another water break
20 crunches
30 sec plank
15 Over head press (with whatever you have Dumbbells,barbell,a log out back)
15 Jump ups (find something sturdy that is high enough to jump on but low enough you can actually get on it)
4 rounds sprints

repeat this workout 3 times through

Now that the workout is done you need to take your glycobol and get to the food! Take 2 Glycobols before the feast begins! 

Get cleaned up and break open those wings and enjoy the game!

Ladies you enjoy the peace and quite!

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  1. I went with 24 non-breaded wings and a salad :)